Tuesday, November 29, 2011

“Plant 20000 Mango Trees Of Hope In Sudan, Africa”

JYJ, Song Ji-hyo, and Park Yoo-hwan participated in the World Vision project entitled "Planting 20,000 Mango Trees of Hope" in Sudan, Africa. Their agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said on November 24, "JYJ, Song Ji-hyo, and Park Yoo-hwan decided to actively participate in the fund raising activities to support World Vision's project of planting mango trees in Sudan". They will deliver their encouraging message through the official website of C-Jes Entertainment (http://www.c-jes.co.kr), saying, "Why don't we plant mango trees that can become a shelter and food at the same time for children in Sudan who have lost their hope while experiencing a long history of civil wars up to now". People who want to participate in the project can send 10,000 won for one seedling, and they will be provided with a thank you note bearing the stars' autographs by C-Jes Entertainment. JYJ said, "We want to build a thick forest in Sudan together with our fans who have shown their greatest love to us. The mango trees reportedly live for one hundred years, and I think that planting a mango tree has a significant long-lasting meaning".

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Super Junior Receives #1 YouTube Top K-Pop Singers

Super Junior was picked as number one for the “2011 YouTube Awards, TOP 3 K-Pop Singers.” Super Junior’s hit single “Mister Simple” had the most views at 26,946,217. The song was released in August and within three months it had 26,000,000 views.
Super Junior’s leader Lee Teuk was a part of the ceremony and gave his thoughts about receiving the award, “I think the most meaningful award is the fact that fans around the world listened to us. Other than YouTube we are also receiving a lot of help through SNS. I really didn’t expect it and nearly click 10 times before going to sleep.”
He continued by saying, “I definitely feel the power of YouTube’s influence. When I see foreign promotions or any activities we engage in appear on YouTube in real time, I am always surprised.”
2NE1 also had three songs for the Top 10, with their songs, “I Am the Best,” “Lonely,” and “Hate You.” “I Am the Best” had 22,092,122 views.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Former Thai Prime Minster Thaksin, Benchmarks South Korea's River Project

Flood control is more important than ever in Thailand, country where the government is investing billions of dollars in controlling 20 rivers that stretch up to 6,000km and cause flood damage every year
Last August's downpour - recorded as the worst torrential rain in last five decades - flooded 70% of Thailand's lands and killed around 400 people, causing over 16 billion dollars' worth of damage. The country now grieves in pain as its people pray for their loved ones that passed away.
To prevent this annual disaster from happening, Thai ex-prime minister Thaksin visited South Korea to tour the 'The Four Major Rivers(Han, Nakdong, Geum, and Yeongsan rivers) Project', where rivers are being dredged and dammed to avoid future disasters and to improve the water quality.
Let us hope that South Korean flood control technologies can soon spread to Thailand so that its people may avoid further suffering from flood disasters.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SNSD's YoonA Is a "Campus Goddess" in "Love Rain"

Photos of SNSD’s YoonA taken on the set of her much-anticipated drama “Love Rain” have recently surfaced on the Internet. In the pictures, the singer-actress is dressed as one of the characters she plays, a college student in the 1970s. Her youthful look, very different from her onstage appearances earned her a “campus goddess” title among netizens.
The fresh-faced beauty shows off innocent charms in her simple outfit of a blue jacket over white blouse, a neutral-tone skirt and flat mary-jane shoes with white socks. She completes the old-fashioned student look with a buckled bag, a wrapped lunch box and books.
In “Love Rain,” YoonA plays Kim Yoon Hee, the love interest of Seo In Ha, Jang Geun Suk’s character. The young lovers will be seen incarnated in the 1970s and again in modern times.
“Love Rain” started earnestly shooting earlier in the month. The drama is in the hands of the team behind "Autumn in My Heart" and “Winter Sonata," writer Oh Soo Yeon and director Yoon Suk Ho. “Love Rain” is aiming for broadcast in early 2012.